UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie

Children with OCD describe their experience while families and loved ones yearn for ways to help them.

Torture By Sound

An animated exploration of misophonia, a disorder characterized by immense pain and agitation resulting from hearing common, everyday sounds.

The Milky Pop Kid

An actor and disability consultant is asked to help a former child star prepare for his triumphant comeback in a likely award-bait role.

Running Breathless: A Self Portrait

A woman with Crohn’s Disease develops a renewed relationship with her body as she reconciles her chronic illness with her passions and dreams.

Partially Compensated

A stop-motion animated film illustrating a child with dyslexia’s experience in the classroom, and the difference made by understanding teachers who make that extra effort.

Mr. Connolly Has ALS

A beloved high school principal continues to lead, despite rapidly losing his abilities to ALS.


Waking after a mysterious car accident, a young woman with amnesia must piece together fragmented memories while running from mysterious pursuers.

Leo & Carol

Leo, a “vertically challenged” public officer and comedian, is about to marry Carol, a teacher who is 5’5″ tall.

Just Go!

Just, who lost both of his legs in an accident, chases the thieves who stole his crush’s purse.