At Eve Level

Directed by Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrunner

100 Min | German | Germany | 2017 | Narrative
Feature | Captioning

Full Synopsis

Eleven-year-old Michi lives in an orphanage, where he fights every day to win the respect of his peers. When he happens to find his biological father’s address, Michi can’t believe his luck, but when they meet and Michi discovers that his father, Tom, has dwarfism, Michi is relentlessly bullied and flees the orphanage to move in with Tom. While Michi tries to hide his embarrassment and shame, Tom is forced to confront both fatherhood and his disability head-on. As Michi and Tom learn about each other, they discover they have more in common than most sons and fathers, and can even see each other at eye level.

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