Autistic Like Me: A Father’s Perspective

Directed by Charles Jones

82 Min | English | USA | 2014 | Doc | Family
Feature | Captioning

Full Synopsis

Autistic Like Me examines the lives of fathers and male caregivers raising children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dispelling the archaic notion of “big boys don’t cry”, Autistic Like Me uniquely chronicles the emotional struggle of a group of fathers as they open up to one another about the fear, disappointment and, ultimately, the acceptance of a very different parenting experience than they had envisioned. The film candidly captures the journeys of these families, demonstrating that when a child is diagnosed with autism, the whole family is affected. Autistic Like Me brings into focus the fathers, who by having difficult time accepting the reality of the condition, often lead to the fracturing of their families. The men featured in Autistic Like Me are at various stages of their journey toward that acceptance and, catalyzed by the film, begin expressing emotions they’ve previously suppressed.

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